Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Missionary Budget

Farm of the Child
                                                 Sample Missionary Fundraising Budget
                                                         August 2013 – December 2015

Airplane Tickets (travel to and from Central America and one trip to the U.S. during each year of service) - $2,700

Language School (transportation from Guatemala City airport, eight weeks of one-on-one classes, the cost of living with a host family, and transportation from Guatemala to Honduras) - $1,800

Travel from language school to the Farm - $200

Health Insurance (for emergencies abroad) - $300/year

Residency Costs (cost to secure extended Honduran residency permit beyond the standard 90-day visa issued to tourists) - $150

Personal Stipend ($300 for every 3 months) - $2,700

Retreats - $200

Vacation Stipend ($250 for each year of service) - $500

Transition Stipend ($500 for each year of service to facilitate transition back to the United States at the end of my commitment) - $1,000

Re-entry Retreat ($900 cost of retreat + travel) - $1,500

                           Total Budget for 28-Month Volunteer Commitment Goal ~ $12,000

Any funds raised that go beyond what I actually spend will go directly to aid and assist projects at the Farm.

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