Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Is this really goodbye?

I've been putting this off for a month or so now since it was made official.

It's been hard to accept.  Hard to answer phone calls.  Hard to answer the ever so basic questions, "Hi! How are you?! How's Honduras??"

If only you really knew how my heart breaks.
If only I could put into words the pain I feel as my worlds are split in two once again.

But I remind myself that there is joy too.
Thank God I had that time there.  Thank God I got to know those beautiful faces so fully.
It doesn't matter that our time was cut short.
What matters is that we lived it!  Maybe not to the fullest we would've liked to, but we did.

And we endured and persevered.
Through all of the illness, headaches, heat exhaustion, cold showers, mountains and mountains of rice, frustrations, fights, doubts, lack of faith.  We fought through.

Those kids taught me unconditional love.
They taught me joy in the simplest of things.
I learned how to pass time properly and show someone love by my actions.

From the staff and our fearless leader Ysmary, I learned what hard work is.
I saw what it looks like not to quit.
What it means to be down and out and not let that define you.
How to love children the right way.  It's not all butterflies, candy, and toys!
The importance of having a strong abuela (grandma)...everyone needs one. 

The vecinos (neighbors) in the villages taught me what true service is.
They served me. I can't think of a time I served them.
They gave me faith. They gave me hope.
They love, support, and care for each other as if they were all family.  

The mission taught me true faith.
In my anger towards those who represented holy and good things and let us all down,
In my fear that God maybe couldn't conquer all of the evil in this world,
and in my doubts that His strength would be enough for me,
I was proven wrong.

My companeros and fellow misioneros reminded me of the importance of friendship.
Without them I couldn't have made it as long as I did.
They gave me joy and a ton of laughter.
They are my sisters and brothers.
They are my community.

It's not good-bye.
We never got the chance to say goodbye.
And you know what? I don't intend to.

I was so blessed to have this experience.
I was so blessed to have your support through it all.
I don't understand why this had to happen and I'm not sure that I'll ever fully understand the "why" for a lot of what I saw, heard, and lived during my time in Honduras.
What I do know is that God isn't responsible for the evil in our world, so we cannot blame Him for it.
But He makes beautiful things out of brokenness.

While my time is coming to a close and I must put my focus on "re-entering" the US and finding work, the Finca del Nino will never cease to be on my heart nor in my prayers.  But I find comfort in the humbling fact that I'm not the only one who loves these kids and this mission.  There are hundreds of us out there!  The mission is continuing on and the kids are safe and secure.  Their home is safe.  And there are so many of us out there making sure it stays that way through our time, our donations, and our prayers.

That being said, I'd like to ask you to please continue to support the Farm of the Child.  We need it now more than ever!

If you are interested in donating to the Farm, please click here.

If you want to support one of the CUTEST kids you'll ever meet (and my students!!!), please click here.   For $50 a month you can support a Farm kid or a village child! Check out these happy campers!
Many kids start dropping out of school by 6th grade in rural Honduras.  With your sponsorship, we can change the odds!

Why not get a great experience helping us run our website and Facebook getting the word out about this awesome Mission.  You may even get a chance to come down and visit! Contact our Development Committee Chair

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Don't worry, our doors are open!  Check out our missionary discernment guide and send our Executive Director an email to chat about this great opportunity.

Thanks for reading.  I hope you've enjoyed some of what I've been able to share with you about this incredible experience over the last two years.  I intend to keep the blog updated for a bit longer just to share some more reflections and stories as they come to me now that I have access to the internet 24/7...crazy!

MIL MIL GRACIAS for all of your prayers!  
Dios les bendiga todos! 

I leave you with my best memories and some of my favorite faces. 

Also check out this awesome video by Brookinhan Adams!